Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fang Island

"Everyone high-fiving everyone"
That's the description Fang Island give of their music and honestly i shouldn't have to say anymore...but I will.
Mainly instrumental, this Brooklyn 5-piece string together euphoric guitar riffs, pounding basslines and tight-as-hell drumming to create epic, triumphant gatherings of sound. Curanga builts up slowly to an eruption of punk-fuelled, Thin Lizzy-esque, six-string mayhem. Its energy and its unashamed ballsiness is infectious, you just want to jump around and hug around in sight when its on.
I get the sense that Fang Island use their music to bring people together, it has a real unity to it, and in today's insular and insolated society, this union that is much needed. Like other comtemparies such as No Age, Les Savy Fav etc, there is a feel of the band wanting the fans to be as much a part of the music as they are. The fans are more important that the band themselves.
I think this video shows this off quite aptly.

Fang Island - Curanga


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