Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Named after the low rising mountain region in Northern England, the Norwich four-piece Pennines are starting to get a bit of buzz about them in certain alternative circles. Their sound takes alot from 90s American alt-rock bands, such as American Football and The Dismemberment Plan, but instead of feeling nostalgic and dusty, Pennines' music feels fresh and sharp and forward-thinking.
Their lush, melodic guitars pulse and flow like a blood stream, giving life to every element of the songs. On Open Closed Open, the soft, sonorous vocals fading in and out of the mix, creating heartfelt, human glimpses into the emotional instrumental track.
Whisky Foxtrot Tango? Lima Oscar Lima sounds like it was recorded when the band were asleep, dreaming of their individual parts, with electrodes stuck to their heads and the subsequent electronic signals fed into a computer and delicately compiled into sonic waves.
With all my soft analogies, you may think the band are fluffy but they do have edge as well. Some of the guitar lines are unpredictable and their constantly changing time signatures make sure the audience is kept on their toes.
They're in the process of recording an ep to be released on the ever brilliant Big Scary Monster Records in May and there will be a spilt release with This Town Need Guns just before it, so keep an eye for them. Ones to watch methinks.

Pennines - Open Closed Open
Pennines - Whisky Tango Foxtrot? Lima Oscar Lima


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