Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Beat Control

My my, it shows how slack i've been recently that i missed the new Tilly & The Wall track completely. I usually pride myself on being ahead of the game when it comes to Tilly tunes but this one just passed me by.
Beat Control is a simple pop song, its actually the most mainstream-sounding pop song they've created, every element of it is concise and basic, stripped of any excess, but in doing so they've captured the true soul of the song and managed to produce a highly catchy melody and kinetic beat that pinpoints the dance-enducing area of the brain and activate it completely. It still sound very Tilly with their duel female vocal harmonies and their exuding, contagious enthusiasm and happiness but one thing seems to have changed. Maybe to remove the "gimmick" tag it gave them or maybe they saw the success of their more electronic beat based songs ie. You And Me Misbehaving, The Freest Man, but tap dancer Jaime isn't heard anywhere on the track. Its a shame because I always thought she gave the band the edge to make them more-than-your-average band but on this evidence maybe Tilly don't have to rely on her talented toes to keep them above the pack anymore. To be fair Beat Control is even on their new album, O, released later this year, which means all the tracks on the album have to be better than this. Okay now i'm excited...
Tilly And The Wall - Beat Control

And you can watch the video for it here, its a bit camp but good fun. Enjoy.


At 6:39 AM , Anonymous Mike said...

It's an awesome pop song, and perhaps rightly left off an album that could be overshadowed by thos song. But as a single it'd be awesome.

At 8:01 AM , Blogger Allan said...

Thanks for the mp3. Not too many blogs posting this track.


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