Thursday, March 27, 2008


How do they do it?
Moshi Moshi records that is. They just keep putting out incredible records, and most recently they've found Dels. Put out through their singles club, Dels' debut seven-inch, Lazy, is one of the most exciting things i've heard all year. With glitchy beats produced by Joe from Hot Chip, Dels, Kieren Dickins to his friends, rattles off rhymes with an ease, confidence and natural swagger of untapped talent. Lazy features cowbells and hand-claps with Dels nonchalantly reminiscing of mellow days but its b-side Myself Malfunction which really gets me going on.
Starting with Daft Punk-esque robot vocals, subtle drums and Dels add to the mix but its when the drums ramp up, the bass line drops in and the squealing synths invade that it all goes wild. Like the best garage tune So Solid never realised, Joe's production is immense and the track never falters from being incredible. Dels' rapping is intense, about queues, raves and bouncers, he's been there and done it, you can almost feel the scratch of gravel pavement, the glare of bus-stop lights and the sound of passing sirens. Its there, vivid and sharp, on vinyl and if there's more like this to come from Kieren, everyone will want to be there too.

Dels - Myself Malfunction

Get Lazy from Moshi Moshi as soon as you can


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