Friday, April 18, 2008

Pork & Beans

After two days of scrutinizing listens and opinions swinging to and fro, i think i've finally made my mind up on the new Weezer single, Pork & Beans. Its awkwardly good.
Since getting into them in 2000/01, Weezer have been probably the most important band in my musical timeline. Every one of their releases gets me as excited as a little kid on Christmas and, to be honest, I've only really been let down by their last effort Make Believe, which was uninspiring to say the least.
Pork & Beans is a confident comeback for Weezer. Its actually a brave decision for their first single as its not exactly your no. 1 smash with its bouncy verse riff and odd background squarks but its the chorus that makes me giddy with joy. The double crunch that kicks it off leads into a scuzzy, over-driven chord progression that harks back to days of Blue and Rivers' vocal melody is huge and catchy.
I only have a couple of concerns really. Some of the lyrics are a bit crap. If Rivers is trying to be intentionally humourous then I suppose it works but the line about Timbaland makes me cringe a little bit, although saying that some of them are beautifully self-referencing. My other tiny concern is there's no mean guitar solo, something that made old Weezer songs so appealing.
The new self-titled album is out in June and I'm trying hard to keep a level head about this one so not to be disappointed if its flops but Pork & Beans is a small step back in the right direction.

Weezer - Pork & Beans


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