Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Short Road

I don't think i posted about Short Road when it just got released but the story behind it and the rise of Wax Stag is an interesting one. Firstly Wax Stag is the pseudonym for Robert Lee's keyboard-driven, electropop bubble machine. Rob is also in Clark, Friendly Fires and Tack Til but creates danceable, fun bleepy jams on the side.
Short Road was written about three years ago but ended up on Hot Chip's DJ Kicks mix cd last year after Rob had given Alexis from Hot Chip a CD-R of the track years back and they liked it alot.
This exposure has forced the track to be released officially and Rob is in the process of recording a Wax Stag album.
I found a few remixes of the track in my inbox last week and so I thought you should all hear them.

Wax Stag - Short Road (Metal On Metal Remix)
Wax Stag - Short Road (Wax Stag Remix)


At 5:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

helloooo? where've you gone? i can't be bothered trawling through all the other music blogs, when i know you'll have picked all the lovely warm fuzzy heart warming songs that i love!

At 12:35 PM , Blogger Tim said...

Hullo there, i haven't gone anywhere. I've just been really busy recently so haven't had time to post anything. I should get back on track this week hopefully.
Nice to know someone cares :)


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