Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tubelord/Get Closer

If you're not a fan of Big Scary Monsters Records yet, why not? I've been pushing their stuff on to you for months now and its all been quality. The most recent treat the guys at BSM have offering you wonderful people is a new track from Tubelord, a trio of London noise-makers. Half Man, Half Amazing is abrasive, loud and full of beans. Its many "woos" and "yehs" making extremely catchy. I bet you can't help but join in after a few listens and then go a bit crazy when it all goes mental.

Tubelord - Half Man, Half Amazing

If you like it, you can download more of their stuff from their myspace


On a a completely separate note, there's a new social network being in constructed. Its called Get Closer and is in association with HMV. Its like other social networking sites but there you can display your music and film collections and make connections between artists, movies, albums, actors, songs etc. while you send messages to friends and disagree with the review about OK Computer. Its under construction as we speak but for all you popular culture fans - i know you are one - there's a beta site so go and check it out.


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