Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Just a quick one as the football starts in a few minutes.
I don't usually post bands from the noisier side of my musical spectrum on funfunfun but every now and again I hear something that gets me too excited not to mention it on here. I hope it doesn't put people off my blog. Give it a try, you might like it.
Jealous produce the kind of loud, abrasive music that make flowers wilt, computers crash and lesser people shit themselves. It's just no-nonsense, fast, heavy hardcore that we don't create enough of in this country...well we might but not to this quality. The guitars are thrashy as hell, the drumming is rapid-fire and the vocals are barked like a monster. Its goddamn chaoticly brutal and it puts a smile on my face.

Jealous - Ruins

Jealous are on Anchors Aweigh records and also have a 7' out on DXC records too

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