Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Johnny Foreigner

After releasing one of funfunfun's favourite albums of last year, Johnny Foreigner are back with a couple of new tracks. Apparently the leftovers after writing for their second album, Ghost The Festivals and Ohai, Sentinels carry on from where Waited Up Til It Was Night.
There's Alexei's yelping vocals interplaying with Kelly's sweet singing, there's fuzzed-up, twiddly guitar parts that burst into power chords at the drop of a hat, a sweeping synth moment, all underpinned by Junior's pin-point percussion.
The trio are off to the States soon to record with At The Drive-In and Meet Me In St Louis producer Alex Newport, which they are "super hper +1 excited" about and I can't wait to hear the result.
They're touring all over Europe and the UK in the next few months so you have no excuse not to catch their kinetic, energetic live shows.

Johnny Foreigner - Ghost The Festival
Johnny Foreigner - Ohai, Sentinels


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