Friday, April 17, 2009

Roll Bus Roll

There's two types of Jeffrey Lewis song. There's the ones where he cranks up the distortion on his acoustic guitar and hammers it to an inch of his life while he rants some political or social shit and his brother Jack pounds his bass and some drums get battered and its all manic and a bit neurotic and you need to catch your breathe by the end of it.
Or there's the mellow numbers. Where Jeff strums his acoustic like a loved pet and someone harmonizes with his untrained vocals, smoothing them over making a glorious vocal chord. The lyrics are always about funny or cute observations and the music reflects that by being simple and a little naive.
Roll Bus Roll is one of the latter songs. It's about fall asleep on the bus and Jeff has the ability to make that humble action into such a significant event that it warrants a whole song. But its turns out to be poignant and romantic and like everything Jeff creates, absolutely magical.
Roll Bus Roll is from Jeff's new album I Am Ere and is available on Rough Trade Records.

Jeffrey Lewis & The Juckyard - Roll Bus Roll

Speaking of Rough Trade, its Record Store Day tomorrow (well today) so be sure to come out and celebrate your local record store. I'll be in London all day, buying some records and see some free music in Rough Trade East and Puregroove. You can follow my exploits on Twitter

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