Thursday, April 16, 2009


Exploring the sound of a drum kit explosively melding with a computer at the feet of a crazed, shouting lady is not something that most bands would do but it's exactly what London three-piece Teeth!!! squeals and blasts give an industrial, sound like. Consisting of Veronica (vocals), Simon T (electronics) and Simon W (drumzz), the band take fuzzy, garage, noise rock and add some modern-day mayhem. The distorted laptop'sdancey edge to the music, like on Who's Afraid Of Detroit?, but with the simple but insistent percussion and the chaotic mess it falls into at points, the outcome is more like a experimental rock band or a band practice when things take a turn for the weird.
Having recently returned from the States, where they played at LA's The Smell, and with forthcoming releases on Stop Scratching and Moshi Moshi, things are looking good for Teeth!!! Yeah!!!! And they're playing all over the capital at the moment, if you want to catch them live. Which you do!!!

Teeth!!! - If I Ever
Teeth!!! - Who's Afraid Of Detroit?

You can download a couple of free eps from the band's myspace if you so wish.


At 6:30 PM , Blogger ansiskirmuzs said...

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At 6:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I saw Teeth!!! at YES WAY easily the best band to play over that weekend.


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