Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Get Love Blamma! Blamma! Style.

Blamma! Blamma! are back after what feels like ages but they've definitely returned with a bang (or maybe a Blamma!) After messing around with Blood Red Shoes, The Teenagers and Maximo Park a few years ago and having released a 12 inch, they've now remixed crazy French pop-rappers Naive New Beaters.
The track Get Love was originally a guitar-led, bassy, pretty standard modern pop tune but in the hands of Blamma!x2 it's a completely different beast. Guitars are replaced with bleeps and blips and a crisp beat adds an extra dimension. The synths sprawl and build time after time and the echoey vocals sound like they're coming from another land. I love how Blamma! Blamma! can turn something so mundane into something inspiring.

Naive New Beaters - Get Love (Blamma! Blamma! Sister Lisa remix)


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