Thursday, October 11, 2007


This is the title of the debut ep from former The Murder Of Rosa Luxemburg member, Andrew Jackson. Now under the guise of House Of Brothers, Jackson's music takes on a more gentle form compared to the fiery menace that was TMORL. Title track Deadman is an excellent statement of intent with its plucky guitar parts, lush strings and quiet but passionate vocals. It feels like a traditional standard that has been filter of all traces of antiquity and been taught all about the present, a bit like Leeloo in The Fifth Element. Lose Yourself contains a lovely piano melody and is comparable to Mercury Prize nominee Fionn Regan in its sincerity and beauty.
The ep is released on 26th November on Big Scary Monsters and is limited to 1000 copies so if you like what you hear, you'd better get ordering quickly.

House Of Brothers - Deadman


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