Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Antelope are from Washington DC and are signed to the legendary DC label, Dischord. Although similar in sound to many bands on the Dischord roster, riff-driven bassy punk, their stripped down, repetitive style is a refreshing break from the norm. There are familiar tones to Ian McKaye's two-piece The Evens, so its no surprise that he recorded their debut album Reflector. Its a impressive collection of bouncy, deep guitars, driving.,squashy bass, technically simplistic drums and impassionate and melodic vocal lines which mixed together gives the music a warm, round, almost funky feel. I've heard complaints that its all too monotonous but the repetition adds to the familiarity tunes exude and to be honest its a helluva lot more varied than lot of the music out at the moment.
I'll end with a quote from Georgie James, whose blog was the place i discovered Antelope, which i think sums up their sound better than i ever could.
"Reflector is not a mirror to me as much as what I might imagine a window on an endlessly ascendant aircraft might stare out upon. The wonder you feel at the beauty streaking by you mingles with the unease of your ceaseless journey."

Catch Antelope when the tour the UK in early November. All tour dates are on their myspace.

Antelope - Mirroring

Antelope - The Demon


At 1:14 PM , Anonymous Jeff said...

Good band. They actually remind me a bit of another DC musician, Mark Robinson, he of Unrest and Flin Flon.


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