Friday, August 31, 2007

The Torso Has Been Severed In Mid Thorax

After being marked out as a tip for 2007 at the start of the year right here on funfunfun, all has been a tad quiet at Meet Me In St Louis HQ of late, but thankfully they've come out of hiding and are about to open the cage on, what hopes to be, a beast of an album. Released on 24th September, Variations On Swing, their debut album which was produced by Alex Newport, is sounding intense , off-kilter and amazing, and thats only after hearing a couple of tracks off it. But to be honest, its live where this band really shine, where the intensity and passion that runs through their music gets pushed to the forefront and where you can really tell that these guys love what they're doing. They touring extensively with this album so there's no reason at all not to catch them.

Meet Me In St Louis - The Torso Has Been Severed In Mid Thorax

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