Friday, September 14, 2007

Cutting Pink With Knives

When a band lists their influences as being poked in the side of the head and the way it feels the first time you ejaculate, you know you're in for a odd time. Cutting Pink With Knives produce soundwaves that are definately not sinusoidal in nature, they're angular and edgy and as incoherent as can be. The most obvious point of call when it comes to their peers is The Blood Brothers, but CPWK certainly have their own sound. Mixing soothing 80-esque synths with a punk attitude and a course vocal on the track Airz makes for a difficult listen first time around but with repeated listens, the pieces fall into place. Its the incongrous elements that really work, grinding and sparking against the more obvious arrangements, like techtonic plates, building up pressure and tension and resulting in minute long seismic quakes measuring way off the Richter Scale. Signed to Holy Roar Records, the band release their second LP, Populuxxe, later this month. Its a 16 track, 25 minute blazing lightning storm of an album, which is over before it should be but delivers enough strikes to keep the world electrified for a little while longer.

Cutting Pink With Knives - Airz
Cutting Pink With Knives - St Mark


At 11:19 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The links dont work :(

At 4:03 PM , Anonymous Shane said...

I am finding that the links don't work aswell.

At 11:44 PM , Anonymous said...

It won't have effect in actual fact, that's what I suppose.


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