Monday, October 01, 2007

Noah And The Whale Session

Noah And The Whale have this overwhelming knack off making me smile everytime i hear their music. Its not even inheritantly happy, there's an undercurrent of glumness that runs through every note but that can't stop my teeth showing. They make me smile like you do when you see a baby make a funny face or when you see kittens playing with a ball of wool. Its very treacley music, sweet, naive and viscous with hopefulness and maybe its that childish optimism and playfulness which seeps through the melancholy, like the sun on a gloomy day, that makes me smile .Maybe i'm just a sucker for a good tune and a soppy lyric but i know that right at this very moment there's a beaming grin on my face that wasn't there a few minutes ago and i suppose that all that matters
Noah And The Whale brought their sunshine indie-pop to Huw Stephens Radio1 show a couple of weeks ago to promote their debut single 5 Years Time and here it is for your smile-inducing pleasure.

Noah And The Whale - Jocasta (Radio 1 Session)

Noah And The Whale - Two Bodies, One Heart (Radio 1 Session)

Noah And The Whale - 5 Years Time (Radio 1 Session)


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