Saturday, February 17, 2007

Out Of Reach

I'm posting this song more out of nostaglia than actually liking the track. Its from Funeral For A Friend's forthcoming album Tales Don't Tell Themselves, out in May, and is just a pretty standard rock track. Heavier than their previous album but still nowhere near as intense or technical as the stuff off their initial ep releases. Got into these guys after seeing them play Tunbridge Wells Forum and then an amazing set, opening the Concrete Jungle Stage at Reading Festival, they really let loose live. I've actually never had a bad time at a FFAF gig, but i haven't seen them in a good few years now. Hopefully the new album will contain some interesting material but i'm not really that hopeful. Out Of Reach starts with a nice riff, pretty head-banging but descends from there to a really accessible and pretty corny singalongable chorus. Just a bit dull (but they do come from the town where the Welsh side of my family come from...respect)

Funeral For A Friend - Out Of Reach

and to relive good times
Funeral For A Friend - This Year's Most Open Heartbreak


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