Sunday, January 21, 2007

No Need For A Compass. Got Maps And Atlases

I get lost in Maps And Atlases. Their take on progessive indie has so many routes and paths to follow that my mind just boogles at the prospect of trying to find the end of a song and on the way time seems to decelerate so that as many ideas as possible can be squeezed into 4 minutes. Take Every Place Is A House for instance, that intro is from somewhere of the map, somewhere alien to the listener but it seems just right, almost comfortable in its delivery, like an unknown foreign dish served in your own living room. There's so many nuances and subtleties in one song that you would think the rest of their debut ep, Tree, Swallows, Houses, would be lacking in ideas, all of them being used up in this one track, but no, these guys must have been shitting amazing ideas when writing this record coz its all extraordinary and technically amazing. Definately worth a very good listen.

Maps & Atlases - Every Place A House

Oh and check out their website coz its really pretty


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