Monday, February 12, 2007

Cats And Cats And Cats

Sounding like a triumphant blast of progressive indie wonderfulness, Cats And Cats And Cats taken a genre full of pretty pretentious, egotastic wankers and injected a huge dose of wholesome magic into it. Every track off last year's Sweet Drunk Everyone ep shone with richness and a youthful creativity, which made it a joy to take in again and again. Tracks like Hotel At The End Of Youth and Kites are layered with technical melodies and lush instrumentation, full of subtleties and nuances that you only pick up on after many repeat listens. They seem to fit some many ideas and genres into each tune, without it sounding at all fractured, smoothly changing from downright rock action one second to violin-filled landscapes in another, capped off by choir/spiritual chanting chorus, it quite breath-taking! This 5-piece are a dab hand at creating an epic climax, which is the centre piece for most of their songs and they produce them with such wild euphoria and utter freeness that on every listen i imagine a grand celebration with streamers, banners, cakes, booze and many smiles. Its goddamn marvellous stuff!!
Their new track You'll Never Make It Home continues in the same vein, starting with what sounds like a broken, wind up, mechanical msucial thing and then kicks in with a tasty guitar riff. Somehow they've managed to condense what feels like a good 8 minute masterpiece into half that time without losing any of its edge or intensity. I really can't wait to catch these guys live.
The band have kindly let me stream the new track You'll Never Make It Home, which is off the split single with Tired Irie and is out now and also there's a download from Sweet Drunk Everyone which i strongly recommend you check out.

Cats And Cats And Cats - You'll Never Make It Home (stream only)

Cats And Cats And Cats - Hotel At the End Of Youth


At 2:14 PM , Anonymous Saam said...

I've been intending to post about this lot for ages, they definately deserve some love! Keep up the good work.


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