Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More 2007 Excitement

I stumbled across these guys at a Hot Renault Traffic club night at Junktion 7. I had an urge to see some live music and just paid to get into the first thing i came across. The support acts were your pretty standard affair, not really that tight or together but when Situationists hit their first note, it made everyone look up. They were everything the other bands weren't, fun, urgent and damn talented. Their sound may not be that original - there's similarities with The Futureheads, Hot Club De Paris and Bloc Party - but its just sounds fresh. They've captured that sound on their recordings too and if they keep producing tunes like this, they'll be heading for the big time for sure. Oh yeh, almost forgot, you have to check out their cover of Daft Punk's Digital Love thats up on their myspace. Genius!

Situationists - We Are Weightless

Meet Me In St Louis

Caught these guys supporting These Arms Are Snakes back in August and i remember me and Neb turning to each other at exactly the same moment with a look of "fucking hell these guys are good" on our faces. Although their eps don't contain the same intensity as their live show, where their frontman sets up camp in the front row of the crowd for their whole set, there's still unpredictability, urgency and amazing musicianship galore. This 5-piece from Guildford aren't scared to push boundaries and experiment but they still keep their music enjoyable. Hopefully releasing a full length this year if they can raise the funds which will be produced by Alex Newport (At The Drive-In, The Mars Volta, The Locust), things are looking bright and sparkly for the future of this awesome band.

Meet Me In St Louis - Why Thank You, Suzie

Findlay Brown
I missed this guy when he played support for Jeffrey Lewis and Danielson back in December. I didn't think much of it at the time but now having listened to a few of his tracks, i'm sure he'd have been a captivating performer because he grabs my attention through my speakers. His music is sorta psychedelic and folky and it still has a very accessible quality to it. Its even been used on an advert, which i'm sure has already has gotten Findlay a handful of listeners and i'm sure this year, with the release of his album, Separated By The Sea, out in February, he will catch lot more fans.

Findlay Brown - Separated By The Sea

After a good few years of wallowing in the murk that is bland indie rock, Idlewild have gone back to their punk roots. Not since the days of When I Argue I See Shapes and Roseability have this Scottish quintet produced such a exciting and vitriolic tune as If It Takes You Home, which was available as a free download just before Christmas. It makes me want to jump around my bedroom withotu a care for anyone, not even Becky, who's in the room below me. This teaser of a song, clocking in at just over two minutes, has left me gasping for more and they are, fortunately releasing a new album, Make Another World, on 26th Feb. So excited!!!

Idlewild - If It Takes You Home

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