Friday, February 02, 2007

The Blood Brothers + Help She Can't Swim @ The Cockpit, Leeds

The occasional contributor strikes again with another great live review. Cheers Neb

Very very exciting gig, having been a fan for a long time but but never seen these guys before and hearing masses about how good a show they put on meant I wasn't in much of a mood to sit through a support band, especially one that failed to wow me as much as Help She Can't Swim. There were some flashes of inspiration granted but they were too few and far between. Referring to them as 'Help she can't sing' (some puns are too tempting) is unfair I'll admit, they're competent, but on this showing I couldn't really say a whole lot more.
In contrast The Blood Brothers fit an insane amount into their songs, one minute initiating mass jittery head banging and the next swinging along smoothly as you like, the incredible thing is just how seamlessly they can do it. It all flows so perfectly. The new album's clearly gone down well, as the shout-along to opener Set Fire To The Face Of Fire shows, but the best reactions of the set are reserved for songs from
Crimes in particular the double header of Trash Flavoured Trash and Teen Heat. Unfortunately technical glitches clearly frustrated the band throughout the set but this was only noticeable between songs, the rest of the time the band were too busy tearing into the crowd and their instruments for anyone to notice, an amazing amazing band. - Neb

Cheers to J0nfin for the photo

The Blood Brothers - Trash Flavoured Trash
The Blood Brothers - Set Fire To The Face Of Fire


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