Tuesday, January 16, 2007

:) about :(

Aberdeen's :( (pronounced colon open bracket) have been making odd, twee, electro stylee music for just over a year now. It sounds a bit like someone singing over the music for the really hard levels of Sonic The Hedgehog, or a much better analogy than that. Its just fucking good music. Cute has the great repeated refrain of "You're not the cutest guy in here" over some frantic synth melodies and 8-bit bleeps, sounding a bit like Hot Chip on a sugar high and Twin Chevron Action Flash is more of the same, with programmed beats a plently and some heartfelt vocals, it almost makes you think the computers actually have feelings and emotions. Thats quite a scary prospect if you've just watch Terminator 3 - The Rise Of The Machines like me. Anyway their debut ep First Blood is out now on Must Destroy Records and there will hopefully be a full length appearing sometime this year.

:( - Cute
:( - Twin Chevron Action Flash

Check out more of their tunes on their myspace


At 2:20 AM , Blogger Matthew said...

This group could be the next best thing in the known universe and beyond, but I would still struggle to get over the stupid bloody typography.

It drives me nuts - surely it can't be necessary, and surely it must be as deeply irritating for them as it is for everyone else to have to explain how to pronounce/spell it every time they talk to someone about the band. Christ, people, what's wrong with the time-honoured 'Johnny and the Picnic Tables' (or whatever) format?

Sorry, I'll take my pills.


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