Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Grave Architects

Having seen Tilly And The Wall on Monday (review coming soon), i was reminded of a band that they played with last time i saw them. The Grave Architects were the only support act that night (and there seemed to be millions) who were actually of any interest at all. "They were fun... and their last song was a rapping, dancey delight" is what i said at the time. With a bit of research, i found out that they hail from Nottingham and have been together since the long, hot summer of 2005. After listening REJECTION, which i believe was the rapping, dancey delight i mentioned earlier, you may be tempted to label them a bit of a novelty band, but there's a difference between a novelty band and a band, who cleverly use humour to portray a topic, Pulp are a perfect example. The Grave Architects, who's name is taken from a Pavement song, have the same sense of quirkiness (in a good way) in their lyrics as Cocker and Malkmus but it nevers seems that the humour is forced. Its just nice to hear a band who aren't taking themselves too seriously. They're in the process of recording their debut album and from the source that is their myspace, "Early indications suggest that you may well throw away the rest of your records on the grounds that they are now 'worthless'". Jokers

The Grave Architects - REJECTION

The Grave Architects - Time Management


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