Friday, November 17, 2006

Sad Times Always End In Happiness

I just found out today that one of my favourite British bands, thisGIRL, have split up. The band left a message on their Myspace blog on Monday informing fans that they are no more, but to look out for new projects from members of the band in the future. ThisGIRL were really underappreciated, although getting some critical acclaim, the four-piece never made any in-roads into becoming a successful band. Its very hard to see why this happened as they were so inventive in the creation of music, fusing many genres together in the space of a 3 minute song, and when the band took to the stage, their kinetic, energetic and fun sets were the some of the liveliest i've ever seen. Lead singer Liam Creamer (still don't know if thats a joke name or not) was unstoppable in the live arena, who hardly ever stopped moving during a set. Having played over 1000 shows in around 7 years, the band have built up quite a fanbase, who are all sad to see these guys go. Go and check them out. RIP

In happier news, the new album by The Evens is awesome. I haven't heard their debut yet but Get Evens is right up my street. It probably helps that i adore Fugazi as some of the tracks sound like they could have been Fugazi songs but the simplicity of the duo brings out a new and different element to Iam Mackaye's songwriting. There's a tenderness that i hadn't seen before through Fugazi's layers of musical brilliance, but still with political gusto and a tad of aggression, and Amy Farina's vocals, both when backing and taking the lead, are outstanding, as well as her drumming. This could well make it onto my top 10 album of the year list.

thisGIRL - Using Radars To Communicate

thisGIRL - We Have Fangs Too
thisGIRL - Hallelujah

The Evens - Dinner With The President
The Evens - You Fell Down


At 11:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bah, thisgirl were a cracking little band, that really sucks! i only got chance to see them once, but wow! what a show!


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