Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This, That And The Other

Hope everyone had a good fireworks night, i was working at Twickenham for the England vs All Blacks rugby international so i didn't have that much fun.
This week's Contrast podcast came out yesterday, the theme was songs with when in the title an dits one of the best collections of music they've had. I put Idlewild's When I Argue I See Shapes forward, its such a good track for jumping around to and shouting. Check it out here.
Idlewild - When I Argue I See Shapes

Also i receive in my inbox
yesterday an email telling me that All Saints are turning on the Oxford Street christmas lights this year and will then be doing a signing session at Virgin Megastore, Piccadilly Circus, tomorrow, so if you want to see some c-list celebs, who are trying to make a comeback, flick a switch and you're in London tomorrow, you know where to be. Here's a track of their new album, its got some nice drums at the start but then they start rapping and i start laughing.
All Saints - Chick Fit


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