Monday, October 30, 2006

Store Bought Cool

I get so many crap band requesting to be my friend on Myspace, most of them dull, predictable rock bands, or boring singer/songwriters, but now and again something comes up that takes me by surprise, its fresh, original and very good or just sounds like someone else i like. With Store Bought Cool, it was a bit of both. It does help that i like the whole lo-fi, anti-folk scene because comparisons with Jeffery Lewis, Adam Green and the like come flooding into my brain but Dave L Dreimann brings an Australian, angry wit to the music, which sets him apart from his other contempories. It is really DIY and sometimes sounds very raw but when he gets it right, it comes off with charm, humour and most importantly fun.

Store Bought Cool - Board Games
Store Bought Cool - Goodbye Little Bird

p.s. If you have done so already, you should really vote on Friday's face-off. I'm losing quite badly, any help would be gratefully received.
p.p.s Sorry for the initial misspelling of the band's name, i'm very tired at the mo


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