Monday, November 13, 2006

The Switch Has Melted

Eighth Day Descent (you may have read my live review of them here) have just self released their second ep, The Switch Has Melted and i have to say its mighty good. Its better produced and recorded than their last effort, which is good thing as the band play at such a ferocious pace at times, that the better quality allows the listener more insight into the music. Technically and experimentally the band seem to have progressed as well with lots of changing speeds and moods. Desert Of Winter serves as a great intense opener which just bursts out of your speakers like an angry party popper, Timmy O Toole, about being stuck down a well, is Roadrunner fast and doesn't hold up to let you catch your breath, Tony Pandy slows down a bit in the middle but its moody and atmospheric and it kicks off again at the end and the title track contains some phat riffage, like all the tracks some mental drumming and, surprisingly enough, a few handclaps.
Its a very accomplished record from some very talent guys, and although it may not be everyone's cuppa tea at least give them a listen, you may be quite surprised.
Check out their myspace for all information and downloads and most importantly to buy a copy of the new ep and here's a track off it:

Eighth Day Descent - Desert Of Winter


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