Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Face-Off : Round 5

Just imagine for a second, a little Tim and a little Neb, innocent and naive, all bubblegum and football stickers, before we'd been corrupted by the evils of secondary school, girls and Jagermeister. We were also musically pre-pubescent, never having ventured into the big world of rock, pop, punk, disco, etc. without the help of older brother or parent and then, suddenly, one band/song/album exploded into our lives and took away that precious something, our musical virginity, and the rest is history. Well thats the theme of this week's showdown, a song from that album, the first one you ever bought

First up is Tim

Blur - Trouble At The Message Centre

I think i first heard Blur on the radio, but i don't really know. I remember seeing an advert for Parklife on the side of the 119 bus and thinking 'i want that album' and i bought the tape with my birthday money a week or so after. It was so refreshing, having spent hours listening to my mum's Chuck Berry or being forced to listen to Alice In Chains by my older brother, to have something that was mine and that was so euphoric and loud. I listened to it repeatedly on a family trip to Southwold, it must have been 8 or 9 times in a row and i still wanted more. Listening back to it now brings back so many good memories. I decide to choose one of the lesser known tracks off the album as nearly every song is as good the others and i remember singing very loudly to this.

Next up is Neb

Suede - Beautiful Ones

Time for some nostalgia for being 10 and TOTP introducing me to the first band I ever loved independantly of my older brother, so I suppose I owe Brett Anderson and co quite a lot. Then again I did spend pretty much all the money I had in the world on a copy of Coming Up the very next day so maybe we're even. Suede aren't the first band you think of when you remember Brit-pop, and yes, to a point (trying to win for a start) I do kinda wish it'd been a Pulp cd but I'm not that bother ed because Beautiful Ones is a killer track in my mind.

Oh my we were Brit-pop boys. Get voting on your favourite. Just leave a comment saying which one's the best and you can decide which one of us had the better music taste at the age of 10.

Buy these classic albums and relive some childhood memories:
Blur - Parklife
Suede - Coming Up


At 12:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'd vote for neb..blur were better generally i reckon, but beautiful ones is more of an old sing-a-long classic

At 6:48 AM , Anonymous bill said...

Think I'm gonna have to go with beautiful ones...

Neb - Well done!
Tim - Comiserations

At 3:54 AM , Anonymous Olly said...

Would normally go for Blur, but I'm afraid your complacency cost you Murray - 90% of the songs off Parklife I'd have gone for, but not that one. This time I'm going for Neb's choice - singalongaclassic that one.
So that's 3-0, and Timmy's gonna have to pull off something special/cheat to get this one back...

At 5:46 PM , Anonymous suede said...

suede is the best


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