Monday, October 09, 2006

YMSS + Redjetson @ Brudenell Social Club

It's fun up north.
Back in Leeds means being back in the north's best music scene (Sheffield?? where's that?) so I'm happy. Just to confirm this I get to review some amazing gigs by some great bands and get very very excited about them. Hooray! (has a few deep breaths and a cup of tea) So yeah I've calmed down a bit now and can tell you about seeing Youth-Movie Soundtrack Strategies supported by Redjetson at the Brudenell Social Club last sunday. It's strange how two bands who share many similarities in terms of approach, ambition and general genre can produce sets that contrast each other so sharply in terms of approach. Redjetson first produce a display of wonderfully precise musicianship, not that they lack a healthy degree of randomness with their 3 guitars, if not tonnes then at least many, many kilograms of effects pedals, and a little metal xylophone (called a glockenspiel? answers on a postcard) completing a full sound, vocals not quite ideal to me but thats a personal thing. YMSS sound in contrast gloriously spontaneous playing their old songs and demoing interesting new material. Kicking off with the Pitch And Yaw Of Satellites and demonstrating that replacing half a song's vocals with a trumpet can kinda work if you're brave enough to do it. Finally a massive ...Spooks The Horse has the whole crowd moving as YMSS greater intensity wins out. Settlefish are in Leeds on Sunday and the Draft (ex-Hot Water Music members) after that, take that Sheffield.

Redjetson - Divorce
YMSS - A Little Late He Staggered Through The Door And Into Her Eyes

p.s. there's still time to get your voice heard over the week's big debate, which song is better for a hangover Jawbreaker's Accident Prone or Lion's Mane by Iron & Wine. Get voting!


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