Monday, September 18, 2006

New Music

Its been absolutely ages since i've actually posted about any new music/bands i've heard so i think its time i'd change that. Kotki Dwa are an electro-indie band, hailing from Bristol, Leeds and the lovely Milton Keynes. They make odd sounding, laconic but intriguing indie-pop, which is influenced by birds, electricity, ice cream vans and giant musical cliches to name just a few things. Its so nice to hear a band that have only been together for just over a year sounding so accomplished and comfortable with their noise, there's lots of promise here.
Check them out for yourself:

Kotki Dwa - Bleachlight
Kotki Dwa - Idiot

(Just have to add that the new series of Spooks is amazing, already seen episode 3, i think i'm hooked!)


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