Thursday, October 12, 2006

Songs In The Key Of B

Why do i bother doing this blog when there's writing like this out there? Why am i even bothering writing this crappyily scribed article on some of the best journalism out there? What's the point? Oh man, i feel so inadequate. This month's Plan B magazine has left me with a bit of funny feeling after reading it, its so good. The live review of much-hyped coverstars CSS's london gig, featuring a great tidal wave metaphor, an amazing interview with Thrash veterans Slayer, where they talk about how "it'd be really easy to break up the band" and how the singer sounds like the Cookie Monster, discussions about 'Outsider music' (whatever that is?), and just loads of incisive and intelligent reviews, articles and illustrations on all my favourite things, i mean there's even a comics section. If it was just a magazine in print, i wouldn't be so perturbed as i'd being write in a different medium so no comparisons could be drawn but now with their website, which contains most of the magazine articles plus so much more, they join the likes of drownedinsound, popjustice, themoviebinge, nothingbutgreenlights, daytrotter etc, on the lists of sites that i envy and admire. Though i think i'll stick to my crappy lil blog for now.
Plan B gave away a free cd this month too, here's a few tracks off it:

The Gossip - Yr Mangled Heart (Live)
Electrelane - Eight Steps
Magnetic Fields - Smoke And Mirrors
Chicks On Speed - Myspace

Go buy it at all good retailers


At 2:57 AM , Blogger Selena said...

Plan B magazine do have have some great writers working for them. Great combination of fun, info and opinion.

Author at Cellulean


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