Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Look What I Found!

Haven't started write a review for the Cursive last night, so i thought i'd inform you about a few little ditties i found on my trawl through the web, i mainly found podcasts but they are pretty cool ones.

The first one is Contrast, you've probably heard of it, its had quite a lot of attention. Organised by the guy from The Face Of Today, the podcast takes a different theme each time and members of the blog-o-sphere send in songs, related to the theme, and a spoken intro and once they've got an hour's worth of material, release it. Its a really interesting idea and works really well, i may even try and participate myself next time. So far themes have ranged from songs you liked when you were 16 and Beatles' covers to instrumental tracks and songs related to books but check it out for yourself.

Next up is Its A Frog's Life, an acoustic podcast from Graham in Liverpool. It features some really great musicians from all over the UK. Now on his third broadcast, Graham's laid-back and endearing chatter between songs is getting more and more assured with each show and the podcast is expanding and hopefully will keep on growing. In the latest one, there is a competition to win the new Rachael Dadd cd, who i've blogged about a few times and is amazing, but you'll have to give the podcast a listen if you wanna be in with a chance of winning

And finally there's Bitjobs For The Masses, which i mentioned last week due to the gig it was putting on. Bitjobs... focuses on independent and unsigned British artists and gives them the airplay and time that they deserve. Now on its 150th show, it is helping to spread the word about some great, unheard-of talent that is just sitting there waiting to see snapped up. Now with it spreading onto gigs, the future looks bright for Bitjobs.

ummmm don't really know what songs to post now so here's a few i've got into recently:
Emmy The Great - Paper Trails
Idyllists - Chloe
Peter Bjorn And John - Young Folks
Beastie Boys - Root Down


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