Thursday, August 31, 2006

Watch Your Language, Young Man

Not gonna be able to post much for the next week as i'm back up in Nottingham to do some resits, which i stupidly failed at Christmas. Hopefully try and get a Friday face-off out tomorrow but can't promise anything.

Anyway Ben Kweller's "One Minute Pop Song" episode 5 was put up on tuesday and this week, Ben chats about his tour manager and his tour managers, so if you wanna hear about that take a look. Its quite funny seeing Ben laughing so much about not much, makes me smile. But Ben watch your language, such obscenities!!!

Ben Kweller - Lollipop


At 8:05 AM , Blogger jspaceman said...

That's pretty hilarious. I met Ben when he was opening for Evan Dando years ago and he was the nicest guy (and of course a tad bit off the wall...)


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