Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Face-Off : Round 2

This week's face-off is all about music of the short variety, yes thats right kids the songs featured today are both a minute and a half long or less. Short music is great, its usually energetic and gets straight to the point, as the artist doesn't have the luxury of time-wasting and it also takes no time at all to upload, which gives me more time to other things.

First up this week is Neb

Minor Threat - Out Of Step (1:20)

Many, many, many Minor Threat songs to pick from. This song is so straight edge that its hurts, not automatically a good thing but with these guys it works (so they weren't as good as Rites Of Spring). Kick-ass punk rock. Frustratingly there are so many good songs between 91 and 100 seconds long, especially when you pick one and are very pleased until you realised you misread the timer and its actually 1 second too long, grrrr.

Next up, its Tim

Nofx - Monosyllabic Girl (0:56)

Ahhh this song takes me back. Its a pretty stupid song, but thats the sort of band Nofx are, lots of palm-muting and some daft lyrics. The reason this song is so good is that it contains such a long word in such a short song, don't think many other bands could do that. Also monosyllabic isn't monosyllabic, now thats odd

So which do you prefer? Which is the better short song? Only you can decide so get voting


At 8:43 AM , Anonymous Tom said...

Minor threat wins.

Plus they are better than rites of spring.

At 10:56 AM , Anonymous Olly said...

I'm going with NOFX - puts a smile on the face.

At 5:53 AM , Blogger Tim said...

looks like this one was a drew

At 5:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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