Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Just returned from an evening of excellent live music. I've been looking forward to this Boysetsfire gig for a good few weeks now, having last seen them at Reading '03 (i think) and being blown away by their music and also by the "pit". It was immense. Tonight was no different. They played in probably my favourite Nottingham venue, the Basement in the Rock City, and the intimacy really seemed to suit their music. They seemed to play alot off their new album, The Misery Index; Notes From The Plague Years, which i haven't had the chance to get my grubby hands on but after tonight my ears are eagerly awaiting a listen. They pack alot into their set, including favourites, After The Eulogy, Release The Dogs, Rookie and My Life In The Knife Trade and i can happily say i got battered for most of them. It was a great performance.

I'd also like to mention the support act, Tribute To Nothing, for putting on a grand performance and rightly getting a worthy applause at the end of their set and also for correcting some heckler's english, was very humorous.

Check out thes tunes coz they're awesome:

Boysetsfire - After The Eulogy

Boysetsfire - My Life In The Knife Trade

Buy these shiny things, they'll make you happy:

Boysetsfire -
The Misery Index; Notes From The Plague Years

Boysetsfire - After The Eulogy


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