Monday, February 27, 2006

New Music

Sorry its been a week since i last blogged, I've been really busy but have alot to talk about so there should be quite a few updates in the next few days. I feel like i've been letting people down but seeing as no one is reading this yet, then really i'm only letting myself down. Anyway i'll persevere.

Continuing with the theme of the last post, new music, i thought i'd talk about a really cool local group called Plans & Apologies

They're a 7-piece band from Derby and they play jangly and intricate indie pop songs. Think Belle and Sebastian, Bob Dylan and you have some idea what's going on. But they also bring a very distinct Britishness with their lyrics, which focus on the mundane events of everyday life, but can go wandering off into nonsense when they want to, which isn't a bad thing. I first saw them supporting The Good Life last year and was very impressed. I've seen them a few more times since then and they also put on a good show. They got a few cds out, check out The Tree Dee Pee Ep, which i would say is the finest piece of work so far.

These tracks are from their debut album 'Torn Out Pages From The Middle Agez'
and their latest Ep ' The Free Dee Pee Ep, which are both available for download from their site... for Free, You can't say they're not good to you. If you like these, purchase The Tree Dee Pee, you won't be disappointed

So download these and make the talking frogs sing

Plans & Apologies - Poetry from Torn Out Pages From The Middle Agez
Plans & Apologies - Save, Save, Save from Torn Out Pages From The Middle Agez
Plans & Apologies - Attenzione Caldo from The Free Dee Pee Ep
Plans & Apologies - Tony Blair:Fucknut from The Free Dee Pee Ep

Bonus tune:
In celebration of the release of The Research's debut album 'Breaking Up' here's an acoustic, folky version of The Way You Used To Smile recorded for the BBC (i think).

The Research - The Way You Used To Smile

So go buy it


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