Monday, March 13, 2006

New Music

Ok its not very new music but i've really got back into Bullet Union after a good few months absence from my stereo. To be honest, i think the cd needed a break from having been played to death but its back from its rest as exciting and energetic as ever. The same can be said of the band, who toured Britian extensively after the release of the debut album, Ruins Domino, last year, playing everywhere from people's bedrooms to abandoned pubs. But after a few month's break things look back on track with news of a European and UK tour and a whole bunch of new songs.

Their sound takes alot from early Dischord bands, early Sonic Youth, Drive Like Jehu and The Stooges but their take on jagged, discordant punk has a modern edge as well. The record was produced on a tight budget but is as intense and passionate as anything i've laid ears on and live they play loud, very loud and everytime i've seen them they seemed to have progressed further in their musical evolution, which can only lead to brighter, better things.

I could have put every song from the album here as a taster as they're all so good but here's a few that i think captured the band essence:

Bullet Union - Yak Yak Yak You're Fired
Bullet Union - Vikings

Check on ther website for a couple more tracks and buy their album, gwan you know you wanna:

Bullet Union - Ruins Domino


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