Thursday, February 16, 2006


I bought the first volume of Scott Pilgrim (Scott Pilgrim's Precious Life) the other day. It's a really good read. The illustration are awesome and the story is great. It starts off quite normal and then goes off the wall a bit at the end which somehow works really well. It is very influenced by music, Scott's in a band and there's songs. Its awesome!!!! The new volume, Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness is out in the next couple of months and is definately worth checking out.

I also found this online comic series today called Super Spy. Its released weekly and is created by Matt Kindt, the guy who wrote and drew "2 sisters". Each week is a self contained story, which involves characters from the 2 sisters graphic novel, and viewed as a whole creates a new world. The artwork is excellent, as is the story which delves into the each character as well as including action and dialgoue. Its also available formatted for the PSP, which is good news for me

Also watch out for the film adaptation of the graphic novel "V for Vendetta". It stars Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman and is gonna be amazing, well i hope so anyway.

Just a quick side comment. I'm just watching The Brit Awards and Prince is performing. He's shredding his guitar and he's awesome. Very impressed!!!!!

anyway here's some music (i don't have any Prince unfortunately):
Thrice - See You In The Shallows
Nina Natasia - A Dog's Life
Acoustic Ladyland - Iggy
Bit of a odd mix but i thought i'd be eclectic.

Buy these and, who knows, you might cause world peace
Thrice - The Illusion of Safety
Nina Natasia - Dogs
Acoustic Ladyland - Last Chance Disco


At 3:08 AM , Blogger Generic Boy said...

Hey that comic looks pretty good, Im gonna check it out, love the blog page, very interesting, ive been reading it 4 bout 10 mins now, good stuff

At 3:08 AM , Blogger Generic Boy said...

p.s dude I had to actually sign up to this to comment, thats love right there

At 5:03 AM , Blogger Tim said...

yay my first comments, cheers spinky. much love for you

At 3:53 PM , Blogger Tim said...

i really like the superspy comic, some of the big frames are awesome.


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