Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stars & Sons

In The Ocean is the debut single by Brighton's Stars And Sons.
Its full of handclaps, catchy melodies, guitar solos and falsetto.
Singer Mike Lord used to be in noisy layabouts 4 Or 5 Magicians.
The band are named after a Broken Social Scene song.
To me, it sounds like one of those cartoon theme tunes of your childhood that you still remember even after years of not humming it. The tune will still be bouncing around your skull even when you're a half-rotting skeleton in a maggot infested coffin. It's that memorable.
Its out now on Alcopop Records! But its a limited release so hurry on a copy.
Here's the video:

Here's a piano version of the song. It sounds like you walk into a lounge bar at the start.

Stars And Sons - In The Ocean (Piano Version)


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