Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Old Romantic Killer Band

I mentioned them a few posts back so I thought it would only be fair to give The Old Romantic Killer Band one of their own.
I interviewed the bluesy, rocking duo earlier this year for Drunken Werewolf magazine (out now, GO GET A COPY) and I was impressed by the visceral, intense performance they unleashed on stage. It was very loud. Guitar, and vocal, strings were pushed to their limits by Harry and Greg battered out an powerful and insistant drumbeat. Combined, they create an emotive and aggressive sound which comes across on record too.
The guys' debut album The Swan With Two Necks comes out in December on Bad Sneakers and they are giving away the first single off it, Lover's Pass, for free for a limited time only. Go here to get it or buy it from November 17th.
As another sneaky peek, here's another track from them

The Old Romantic Killer Band - The Resolve

TORKB are playing The Metro in London this Saturday. I urge you to go, it'll be ace.


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