Monday, October 06, 2008

Eskimo Twins

Having been grown, simmered, scraped and rehashed over the past 6 months, it must feel good for Eskimo Twins to finally get some music out. Their first two influences mentioned on their myspace are Slayer followed by Kraftwerk which gives some indication as to the direction of their sound, which is on the darker side of electronic dance music. Sounding at times like Justice, at others like Daft Punk and at the rest like a fist-pumping, brooding, stomping, skewed dance machine, the three tracks on their myspace sound like their spent a large number of hours crafting each sound to perfection.
The best of those on offer is Insidious, which features Harry Johns from bluesy rockers The Old Romantic Killer Band (who I've been meaning to feature on funfunfun for a while). Its agitated beats and grubby bass-line, added to Harry's stuttering, fiery vocals about burning witches, created a atmosphere as tense and dark as all good dance music should be.
Eskimo Twins are starting a DJ residency at a new club/bar in Leeds in a few weeks so be sure to visit their myspace for all the details. And to give you a flavour of what you in for, you can download a free DJ mix there too, or from HERE.

Eskimo Twins - Insidious (feat. Harry Johns)


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