Saturday, November 15, 2008


Featuring ex-members of one of my favourite bands Bullet Union, Tropics get me all hot under the collar. They continue in the same vein as their predecessors. Hot rocking riffage, powerful percussion and snarling vocals are the name of the game and these four guys put their heart and souls into winning.
Their myspace describes them as "70% too loud", which I undeniably agree with after seeing them at Barden's Boudoir a few weeks back. My ears weren't right for a week after. While the John Reis influence is very apparent in thee band's sound, their six-string interplay and ability to write a memorable melody marked them out as something original, not just imitators.
With a spilt 7" with Seattle's experimental noisemakers These Arms Are Snakes just out on We-Be Recordings and I seriously going to keep an eye and ear out for these guys, because from past experiences I know they can produce the goods.

Tropics - Dead Lips


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