Tuesday, December 11, 2007

fff Zine Issue #1

That's right folks! As i mentioned a couple of weeks back, funfunfun has now gone physical!
You can download it for free by right-clicking and saving the picture above, then print it out and fold it in an special way to create your very own fff #1(check my myspace blog to do this). If you don't fancy doing that and you want me to do all the work, then leave a comment or email me, incuding your name and address and I'll send you a copy for FREE!!!

Issue #1 features:
-Blamma! Blamma! & Situationists
-an interview with Napoleon IIIrd
- an Acoustic Ladyland live review
- Kat Flint & Plans And Apologies reviews

All fitting on one wonderfully collaged and beautifully written A4 side. WOW!!!

Here's some tunes from those featured:
Raw (Blamma! Blamma! Scanner! Mix) - Scanners
Situationists - We Are Weightless
Napoloeon IIIrd - Defibrillator
Acoustic Ladyland - Iggy
Kat Flint - Joesph
Plans And Apologies - Meetoo


At 4:52 AM , Anonymous Mina said...

Could you send me a copy?
Mina Lettice
99 Cranwich Road
N16 5JA

At 5:11 AM , Anonymous DrunkenWerewolf said...

Nicely done! My little sister loved the Napoleon IIIrd interview so much she's nicked it off of me hahaha! Did I ever send you #2? If I didn't give us a shout and I will...#3's coming to you as soon as I print it, have a good Christmas! xx


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