Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Minotaur Explode

What's in a name?
Having changed their name to Orphans, the band had to return to their former name Minotaur Explode, when they found out that Bono Must Die had beaten them to it and taken the Orphans title. But whatever you called them, Minotaur Explode can't be called boring. Creating the sort of intricate, audio onslaughts that have flung the likes of Meet Me In St Louis from the depths of the alternative underground to the bright lights of music press, this Dorset 5-piece certain seem to have what it takes. Their sound also seems to hark back to the days when Million Dead and thisGIRL were leading lights in the British punk scene.
Their new ep, Our Band Could Ruin Your Life, is an brief look at an exciting and creative young band. First track Stark's Pond kicks off at a rapid pace, driven along by some distorted guitars and a banging snare, it flits and changes in places while never losing its enticing momentum. You Can't Kill Robocop carries on moving forward with an excellent picked guitar line and some intense vocals, making this musical ride even more stimulating. Final track We Wear Invisible Masks, is a more dramatic tune while still featuring the band's jagged guitars and thudding drums, its a great closer to a great ep.

Minotaur Explodes - You Can't Kill Robocop

You can download the rest of their ep from their myspace
Photo by Sam Neill


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