Wednesday, November 21, 2007


After tonight's dismal display by the nation's football team, i need to cheer myself up.
I interviewed Bristol's Safetyword for Drunken Werewolf Magazine, which will appear in the next issue, and having not heard them before, I was thoroughly impressed by the scope and vision of their music. It doesn't actually sound like anything else my ears have had the chance to devour, its uncompromising without being angry, hopeful while being completely uncertain and experimental while maintaining an almost pop-like places.
Lyrically, its just as confusing and obscure. Citing inspirations such as historical oddities and apocrypha for example, the words seem to be a jumble of nouns and verbs, retelling ancient stories that have not be heard for centuries, all sung in laconic tones. These lazy vocals ooze out of the music and glaze over the stabbing guitars and flittering drums, simultaneously softening the attack from the instruments while leave the surface of their sound unsettlingly sticky.
Having self-released their debut album Man's Name Is Legion earlier this year, which you can purchase from their website, this four-piece are sure to boggle your minds.

Safetyword - Foot Oven
Safetyword - Pour Your Features Through The Mirror

To read my interview with the band, head over to DrunkenWerewolf's myspace for all the info on getting a copy of issue #3


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