Monday, November 05, 2007

Michael Rossiter

Michael Rossiter first caught my attention when i saw him support Slow Club in Nottingham back in June. To near empty room, he demonstrated a determined maturity by producing an expert display of traditional folk and country songs with a current feel and an amazing aptitude on plucked instruments. His fingerwork was incredible, dancing over the strings instinctively, and added to that a great voice and some memorable tunes, it was a really impressive performance.
Since then i've been captivated by the three songs from his website, a triplet of bouncy, twangy stories. I find it odd how Michael hasn't found much attention from outside his hometown of Leeds, where he plays the majority of his gigs, but i guess that with the influx of singer/songerwriters recently, its hard to stand out in the crowd.
Michael's recently put new tracks on his myspace, which i'm happy to say are as good as the old ones, and also that he's started to play in a band...well a duo, Broad & Rossiter's City Waltzers, who create a bluegrass sound that seems miles away from their Yorkshire origins.

Michael Rossiter - Sweet William And Lady Margaret
Michael Rossiter - Love Henry
Broad & Rossiter's City Walters - Stewball


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