Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Scarlett Johansson Is Scared Of Spiders

In a complete U-turn from the last few post of lovely, warm folkiness, i give you a track of cold, robotic, pumping electro-joy. To be honest I can't stand The Teenagers. I hate lazy sound of their music, the spoken vocals and out of tune singing. I can't stand the simplistic, boring arrangement of their songs and the monotonous drum-machine beat. And the worst part about them is their lyrics. All they seem to talk about is girls and fucking in the most arrogant, misogynistic way. I guess that why they called themselves The Teenagers.
The only reason i'm putting these lot on funfunfun is because the awesome Blamma! Blamma! boys have turned their new single Starlett Johansson, a homage to filmstar Scarlett Johansson, into six minutes of exciting, heart-racing, ear-pounding, suspense-building dance music which far outreaches the depths and subtleties of the original.

Starlett Johansson (Blamma! Blamma! Scared of Spiders mix) - The Teenagers

If you really have to, you can buy the single from here


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