Tuesday, June 26, 2007


A couple of remixes appeared in my inbox a few days back so i thought i'd share them with you.
Firstly there's the Sportsday Megaphone remix of The Rumble Strips' track Alarm Clock. Its very doof-doofy and sounds a bit like the music from Tetris, which i'd say is a good thing. Apparently the record label didn't like it, wanting "something a bit more 'kraftwerk'" but i think its a nice little take on a cool track
Next up is the VanShe Technologic remix of Feist's 1234. It starts as a laid-back electro version of such a joyous song - have you seen the video for the original version? - and then kicks in at about the 2 minute mark with a noise that sounds like a bunged-up frog and some heavy bass and just carries on from there. Feist's cooing vocals just smooth the whole track out and it actually all works really well.

The Rumble Strips - Alarm Clock (Sportsday Megaphone Stereo Adventure Remix)
Feist - 1234 (VanShe Technologic Remix)


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