Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tesco Value Til I Die

Influences can be a odd thing for a band. Some try to incorporate as many sounds into their music as possible, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. Then you get the bands who are obviously influenced by one artist more than any other. 4 Or 5 Magicians fall into the latter, and their main influence is Pavement. Lead singer and guitarist, Dan Ormesby has been quoted in say that if his music was a piece of clothing it would be Steven Malkmus' diaper. And in that one quote is the essence of their music, its self aware, funny and self deprecating but melodic and technical so not to be classed as comedy.
The tracks for download are rough demoes from their myspace, the quality isn't that great as the vocals are a bit quiet in the mix but there's alot of promise to be heard. From the subtle guitar work to the ever so honest lyrics about trying to make something of your life on Forever On The Edge, which contains one of the best first lines i've heard in ages - "I wasted my youth playing cricket..."
They've already been branded by DrownedInSound as "One of Brighton's best new secrets", have a single coming out in June on the Alcopop! label and are starting a tour in a few days so i would try and see them before they work their magic on the masses

4 Or 5 Magicians - Forever On The Edge
4 Or 5 Magicians - Your Ficticious Character


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